Dedicated to the
Education & Preservation
of the Idaho Pasture Pig!

The Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP) is a newer breed of pig that is composed of the Duroc, Old Berkshire, and the Kunekune pig.  These are true “grazing” pigs and are very gentle in nature, have great personalities, are easy to work with, are smaller in size then traditional pigs, are great mothers, are able to live outdoors all year round, and can grow extremely well with a diet of primarily grass.  

Provided these pigs receive the necessary minerals their bodies require, they will not root in the ground like traditional pigs.  If they are deficient in minerals, they will be forced to dig in the ground to get the minerals their bodies are craving.  

One of the benefits of this breed is their smaller mature size. Ideally, sows should mature out at 250 – 350 pounds whereas the boars should mature out at 350 – 450 pounds.  When feeding a diet of primarily grass, the butcher pigs should reach a butcher weight of about 230 – 250 in approximately 10 months.  

There are 25 Registered sow lines and 12 Registered boar lines.   The Registered sow lines are:  Pepper, New Moon, Candy, Grace, Hope, Love Pig, Diana, Heart, Jewel, Destiny, Fate, Ida, Maple, Jingle, Sparkle, Snowflake, Autumn, Raven, Jodi, Shelly, Chris, Kelly, Petunia, Black Gold, and Red Rock.  The Registered boar lines are:  Bandit, Max, Rex, Triton, George, Sam, Snickers, Wendell, Atlas, Dave, Oreo, and Gary.  

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